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 Cocktail Menu


The Informant

dry vermouth, rye whisky, aquavit, china-china, spiced cranberry


Pink and White 

lunazul blanco, lico 43, campari, grenadine, lime, frothy


Oomami G&T

roku gin, mushroom, kefir lime leaf, tonic, lemon oil


Hot Toddy

elijah craig bourbon, fig, lacto orange, sugar, hot water, nutmeg


Mountain People

wild turkey 101 rye, lemongrass tea gomme, alpine amaro, saffron, lemon oil


Requiem for Green

 beach vodka, chartreuse, pandan, coquita, fluffy sour pineapple


All Spruced Up

rye whisky, spruce, maple, lime, frothy, mint


Time Bend

japanese whisky, french liqueur, celery, lemon oil


Gold Digger

aged rum, falernum, becherovka, curacao, grenadine, lemon oil, gold salt


Money Maker

vanilla infused beach vodka, lime cordial, passionfruit, sherry, pet nat


Pinky Out (NA)

grapefruit, grenadine, lime, frothy


Moonlighter (NA)

cacao infused seedlip grove, espresso & espresso syrup, oatmilk


Please note: Cocktails may contain nuts, eggs, mushrooms, or other allergens.  

All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability. Please call for more information 757-689-3339

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