Cocktail Menu


Crystal Vision

beach vodka, green chartreuse, vanilla liqueur, toasted cinnamon, clarified sour apple, cotton candy air


Say Less

botanist gin, cappelletti apertivo, pungo blackberry shrub, mineral water



Wanna Get Chai?*

four roses select bourbon, chai tea syrup, crude "attawanhood" bitters, orange oil


Need for Speed*

charred serrano infused tequila, vanilla cherry syrup, lime, mexican cola, black lava salt


Hai Tai'd

kill devil pecan honey rum, coconut fat washed blackbeard's point rum, cranberry cordial, pecan orgeat, sour orange


 Heirloom Sangria

orange wine, pungo peach infused brandy, peach & cardamom shrub, mineral water


Second Summer

mezcal, heirloom watermelon, lime, cinnamon


Go Fig

laird's tenth generation apple brandy, cardamaro, spiced fig, autumn peach tincture


Fruit of the 'Loom

rotating local spirit & seasonal produce 


Corpse Reviver #2

roku gin, pierre ferrand dry curacao, dolin blanc, lemon, absinthe rinse


Dark n' Stormy

gosling's black seal rum, ginger, lime, mineral water


Death in the Afternoon

absinthe, bubbles, lemon 


Jack Rose

laird's applejack brandy, house grenadine, lemon


Suffering Bastard

plymouth gin, four roses select bourbon, lime, angostura bitters, ginger beer, mint


*Available Sans Alcohol

Please note: Cocktails may contain nuts, eggs, mushrooms, or other allergens.  

All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability. Please call for more information 757-689-3339