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 Cocktail Menu


Tea with the Queen

milk-washed english breakfast tea infused beach vodka, strawberry-vanilla cordial, sour orange

lavender bitters, créme de violette cotton candy


Law of Attraction

botanist gin, cucumber-ginger syrup, lime, midori rinse


Garden of Eatin'

arette tequila, pasubio amaro, italicus rosolio di bergamotto, herb syrup, lime


Besa mi Baja Blast

espolón reposado tequila, baja cordial, lime, sparkling mineral water


Pungo Punch 2.0

plantation 3 star rum, strawberry-coconut sorbet, sour piña, ginger beer, bitters


 Ashtray Heart

madre mezcal black espadin, plantation o.f.t.d. overproof rum, jerk syrup,

sour strawberry, caramelized raisin bitters, smoke


Swoon Jelly

salted caramel infused elijah craig bourbon, passionfruit, orange marmalade

sour orange, tropical bitters


Brand New Game

tullamore dew rum cask finish irish whiskey, smoked pineapple, lemon

apricot-cynar foam, black pepper


Let's Split

monkey shoulder scotch, appleton signature rum, bonal, créme de banane, bitters


Another Dream

fino sherry, marigold honey, sour orange, saffron tincture, vanilla, cava


Fruit of the 'Loom

rotating local spirit & seasonal produce 


Aperol Spritz

aperol, prosecco, mineral water, orange


Pimm's Cup

pimm's no. 1 liqueur, lemon, ginger beer



roku gin, maraschino liqueur, créme de violette, lemon


El Presidente

rhum barbancourt, dolin blanc vermouth, pierre ferrand orange curacao, grenadine


Whiskey Smash

knobb creek 9 year bourbon, turbinado sugar, lemon, mint


Please note: Cocktails may contain nuts, eggs, mushrooms, or other allergens.  

All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability. Please call for more information 757-689-3339

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