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Our Story

Heirloom is a creative farm-to-table restaurant that focuses on elevated local recipes from Virginia Beach.

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Brent Cowan

Executive Chef/Owner

An operating chef with a hands-on approach, Brent is a homegrown chef excited to lead a kitchen team producing locally influenced and highest-quality cuisine. With over two decades of running kitchens, Brent’s experience in applying detail and care to delicate flavors will be the forefront of the Heirloom guest experience. Brent believes in sourcing as locally as possible, but putting all ingredients through the lens of his culinary heritage as a VB native.



General Manager

A highly experienced General Manager with a passion for the restaurant industry. Born and raised in Little Rock, AR, Porter has spent the past 20 years honing his skills and gaining a wealth of experience in the field. Porter’s management career began at Husk Nashville, where he worked under acclaimed chef Sean Brock. During his time there, he gained a deep understanding of the importance of local ingredients and how they can be used to create exceptional dishes. Previous to Tennessee, he moved on to the wine industry, working for Cline, in Sonoma, CA. This experience allowed him to develop an extensive knowledge of wine and wine pairing, which he has since used to help enhance customers' dining experiences. Now, as the General Manager of Heirloom, Porter draws on his vast experience to lead the restaurant's team to success. His passion for exceptional food, wine, and customer service is evident in everything he does, and he is committed to providing his guests with a dining experience that is second to none.



Chef de Cuisine


Bar Manager/Mixologist



Kitchen Manager

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